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How are people in the world turn to your Ganesh (redirected from how are people in the world turn to your ganesh)

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You know him by the name of Ganesh, however how would others address your dearest elephant-headed God? What's more, what are the implications moved by every one of these names that add to the notoriety of this God of karma? Here is some intriguing data about the most appreciated names of ganesh ji ke 108 naam.


For His Family Relations

A portion of the names of Ganesh portray his associations with different individuals from the family. For example, his names Eshanputra and Nandana signifies 'Master Shiva's child'. Another name is Rudrapriya that signifies 'cherished of Lord Shiva'.



Shambhavi, Umaputra and Gaurisuta are different names of Ganesha and they mean 'the child of Parvati'. His name Skandapurvaja infers that he is the 'senior sibling of Lord Skanda'.


For His Power to Handle Obstacles

Ganesh is known to eliminate the impediments from one's life and this structures the reason for a variety of his famous names. Avighna and Vighnahara are the names that perceive the Lord as 'remover of deterrents'. Vignaharta is another name that likewise portrays him as 'demolisher of obstructions'. Vighnaraja, Vighnarajendra, Vighnavinashanaya and Vigneshwara are different names of Ganesh in this classification.


For his Body Appearance

There are many names of Lord Ganesha that perceive different properties of his radiant and heavenly actual appearance. One of these well known names is Ekadanta that recognizes him as 'one with single tusk'. Gajanana is the name given to Ganesh for his appearance as 'elephant-headed God'. Likewise, Gajavakra is one more well known name of Ganesh, signifying 'one with elephant trunk', while Vakratunda additionally features the bended trunk of the Lord.


Chaturbhuj addresses Ganesh as 'one having four arms'. The names Kapila and Pitambara make Ganesh comfortable as one with 'yellowish-earthy colored body'. Different names like Lambakarna and Shoorpakarna make him famous as 'Master with enormous ears'. Aside from them, there are many names of Ganesh that feature his enormous and colossal appearance. For example, Vikat and Bheema are a portion of these names. Mahabala is another name that portrays Ganesh as 'the solid Lord'.


For his Wisdom

Ganesh has forever been famous as the God of insight and endower of knowledge. This quality furnishes him with numerous famous names. Vidyavaridhi, Buddhinath and Buddhividhata make him well known as 'the God of insight'. His names Sarvasiddhanta and Buddhipriya address him as 'one who awards intelligence and information'.


Other Popular Names

Ganesh is called Ganapati, since he is the Lord of all the Ganas (or Gods). It is one of the names tracked down painted on Ganesh sculptures Siddhivinayaka is one more name of Ganesh that makes him well known as 'Endower of Success'. For being the Lord of favorability, Ganesh is called by another rpopular name of Mangalamurti. Vinayaka is additionally one of the names of Ganesh that means 'Ruler of all'.


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